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Welcome to Keya Fertility Infertility - IVF Clinic at Balasore & Jaleswar , Odisha

Our temple city, Bhubaneswar is proud to have one of the best and advanced Test Tube Baby Centres in the name of "keya FERTILITY" , based on scientific methods,applied in a personalized manner with full recognition and attention to each and every dimension of patient's need."keya FERTILITY" specialises in assisted reproduction and invitro fertilisation (IVF) procedures, has already started taking patients for its IVF batchs with least possible comprehensive package .

This centre is the brainchild of Fertility Consultant Dr Aditya & Dr Kokila Das .Dr Aditya Das is trained in Kerala,Mumbai,Manipal & Chennai .He has worked in Reproductive Medicine departments of several hospitals. He was a Fertility Consultant in Kerala before returning back to motherland, Orissa in 2011. Dr Kokila Das was offering her services in the field of High Risk Pregnancy,Fetal medicine & Infertility management in the state of Kerala . In addition to her work on infertility, she has pioneered the concept and practice of "Painless Labour" .Currently, she has settled down in Odisha since May'2014 .

Agony of Infertile couples & advances in the field of Reproductive Medicine sparked their lasting interest in clinical IVF. The ethics of IVF and its cost effectiveness continue to be part of our mission i.e: keya FERTILITY. 

"keya FERTILITY"  strives to provide affordable treatment to its entire community of patients. Our competitive prices aim to fit every budget and every patient looking to start a family.

Our expert IVF team is successfully offering delicate procedures like IUI(Husband & Donor), IVF,ICSI,IMSI Egg Donation and Surrogacy .

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